I am a beautifully clumsy gazelle.

You probably guessed that whole tortured metaphor in my last blog post about being a runner who trips on nothing was inspired by me. Tripping on nothing. Yesterday. I’ve got massively scraped up hands, and an ooey-gooey knee, but some flash of female instinct had me rolling to protect my face, so at least I was spared a scabby chin. This time.

Finished my run anyway, though.

This morning, I got up early and read the first chapter of Cathy Yardley’s book Rock Your Plot. Came away with some good insights, the most important of which (for me anyway), is the difference between a premise and a “neat idea.” A premise identifies the main character, what they care about, and the obstacles in the way. A “neat idea” could be narrated by that voiceover guy…


Came up with that one this morning. Out of the blue! No idea where it came from.

What I’m currently reading:

Rock Your Plot, by Cathy Yardley

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