A sad update on an old friend

I knew this guy in high school named Jordan. He was the nicest guy ever. He was really into the environment and had a whole slew of shirts featuring endangered species on them. 

Jordan liked to “upcycle” old jeans into these godawful book bags and give them to friends.  We all carried them.

He loved animals and had a cat, an iguana named Isolde who lived on an enormous branch that Jordan had set up like a tree in his bedroom, multiple gerbils, ferrets, etc. He had a fish he was convinced was evil because it ate all of his other fish and then refused to die. That fish lived from third grade until he graduated from high school.

His mother was a kindergarten teacher who was teaching her students about silk and was breeding silk moths on their dining room table. Their bodies were too fat to fly, so they’d flutter and flop around on dozens of empty egg cartons, breeding and dying, breeding and dying. In a desperate attempt to escape the macabre cycle, some would flutter to the floor and flop along the carpet, using their pitifully small wings to drag their swollen bodies along behind them. We’d find them in every room of his house.

Jordan and I would watch Marth Stewart together after school every day. 

We were in at least five school plays together. He always got the lead male role, and I was always cast as the crazy old lady character – cats optional.

I really loved this guy. He was that rare guy who was incredibly popular because he was so nice.

I just got word he passed away suddenly from a drug overdose.

The world is both lovely and awful. 😦

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