Business trips and the MeToo movement

I’m still emotionally recovering from the Vermont trip. It’s an annual business trip where my team members and I have to go present our performance to a group of advisors made up pretty exclusively of drunken, entitled old men who think they are smarter than everyone else because they used inherited money to start businesses.

I certainly enjoyed my time with the 80 year old man who decried the #metoo movement as women not allowing men to flirt anymore.

The accommodations were lovely, but shared… which essentially means that I was in a cottage with my boss and four other team members, all men.

I just have a lot of disdain for and discomfort in that world. I question whether it’s the right place for me, even though it brings me high earning potential. I’d rather make less money and feel good about what I’m doing.


Yesterday, I ran a mile and a half and rode my horse. It was a lovely day for it, and I am so happy with how far my mare and I have come since I got her off the track. She’s a fiery little thing, but she wants to please very much.


I haven’t worked on my writing at all since I last posted. I was really emotionally tapped out. I did start reading JK Rowling’s mystery “The Cuckoo’s Calling” where she’s writing as Robert Galbraith. I’m enjoying it, and her characterization is sharp, but so far I find that it’s lacking the punch that her Harry Potter books have.

Time to focus again!

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